gear and guidance for a post-apocalyptic world


We have scoured the Earth looking for the best equipment.  We try to offer several options to meet your needs, and your budget.


This option is in production.  When finished, we will have reviews of the new gear we add to our inventory.  These reviews will evaluate, performance, ease of use, portability (if applicable), and cost.  We want you to be able to make informed choices.


Pro Corner

Here you will find advice, and guidance, from professionals.  They will explain important topics, to include the use of several of the products we offer.


Most Likely Scenarios


The wide-spread outbreak of a virus, or other infectious disease.

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electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

Whether as a result of a natural phenomenon, or the result of a man-made disturbance, EMP can wreak havoc on our infrastructure, rendering most electronic devices useless.

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civil unrest

The proximate cause may be the result of a cataclysmic scenario, or due to political/cultural infighting.

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