Apocalyptic Scenario #1


Merriam Webster defines PANDEMIC as “An outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population.”

What to Expect

We’ve all seen the movies, and probably have a few examples of a “Pandemic” indelibly etched in our minds.  While it is doubtful that we will ever face a “Zombie Apocalypse”, there IS the possibility that some antibiotic-resistant strain may run amok, and we shall have to be careful not to get in contact with those individuals carrying it, or the situation which may compromise our own safety.

As with any scenario, once people have run out of food, or water, they will do whatever it takes for them to survive, and provide for their families.  Even with the inevitable Martial Law, there will be those who will take advantage of the current state of anarchy, to take that which is not theirs.  Therefore, you must be prepared to protect your family, and your supplies.

That leads us to Apocalytic Scenrio #3 – Civil Unrest.

How you should prepare

Preparing specifically for this type of scenario simply adds to our equipment inventory, those things that would help us avoid contact with the viral, or bacterial, agent.  Since we cannot know ahead of time how this outbreak will occur, or what form it will take, we must speak in generalities – and prepare for the worst.

In addition to your typical First Aid kit, you will want to add the following items:
– Filtration Masks/Respirator
– Extra Nitrile Gloves
– Several Tarps
– Duct Tape
– Water Purification

In addition to these items, you should get with your Doctor and see if they will provide you with the shots necessary for foreign travel to a destination such as Haiti.  When the SHTF, diseases that haven’t been seen in this country for decades, will show themselves.  Just look at California, for instance.  Pestilence breeds disease.